BuenaVenturans - 300 Club
This league started in 1972.
Here they are in chronological order.

Terry Griffith02-14-1987
Bill Pendergrass10-28-1992
Bart Cameron11-03-1993
Larry Prebble01-11-1995
Dave Rundell10-18-1995
Don Jourdain03-20-1996
Les Mclean03-26-1997
Jason Muldoon11-05-1997
Ken Fernandez01-21-1998
Barry Bluhm10-14-1998
Les Strawbridge10-21-1998
Tom Kirkpatrick12-09-1998
Bill Pendergrass04-14-1999
Dave Rundell09-22-1999
Bill Pendergrass11-10-1999
John Sawyer11-17-1999
Tom Kirkpatrick02-09-2000
Bill Tocci03-08-2000
Mike Anzivino03-08-2000
Larry Prebble03-15-2000
Bill Tocci04-19-2000
Mark Davis11-01-2000
Mark Davis01-10-2001
Tony Rojo11-14-2001
Ricky Pena11-21-2001
Jeff Owens12-19-2001
Sean Swisher02-20-2002
Bill Pendergrass03-13-2002
Marcus Parcell04-24-2002
Mike Scarpetta02-26-2003
Jason Muldoon12-17-2003
Tony Rojo01-21-2004
Tom Kirkpatrick02-11-2004
Jeff Owens03-10-2004
Tony Rojo03-10-2004
Mark Davis03-10-2004
Larry Prebble03-17-2004
Joe Rivas04-21-2004
Mike Kanada10-06-2004
Jon Lane12-01-2004
John Donovan12-01-2004
Dale Neel12-08-2004
Tom Kirkpatrick12-15-2004
Jon Lane12-22-2004
Jeff Brilata01-12-2005
Jerry Calvin01-19-2005
Joe Rivas01-26-2005
Tom Kirkpatrick03-02-2005
Pet Smith03-16-2005
Marcus Parcell03-23-2005
Mark Davis04-20-2005
John Mamakos04-20-2005
John Wanamaker04-27-2005
Paul Younce05-04-2005
Richie Paul09-28-2005
Jodi Bingham10-05-2005
Alicia Heckathorne10-12-2005
Pet Smith10-12-2005
Joe Rivas10-12-2005
Jerry Calvin11-02-2005
Dale Neel11-16-2005
John Donovan11-23-2005
Tony Lespade 12-14-2005
Chris Shusta12-21-2005
Alex Mejia12-28-2005
Mike Kanada01-04-2006
Larry Prebble01-04-2006
Kerry Tissler02-01-2006
Jeff Gordon02-08-2006
Mark Davis03-08-2006
Tom Kirkpatrick04-19-2006
Mike Kanada04-19-2006

Here are the bowlers with more than one.

Tom Kirkpatrick6
Mark Davis5
Bill Pendergrass4
Larry Prebble4
Tony Rojo3
Joe Rivas3
Bill Tocci2
Dave Rundell2
Jason Muldoon2
Jeff Owens2
Jon Lane2
Marcus Parcell2
Pet Smith2
Dale Neel2

The First 300

 Terry Griffith on February 4th, 1987 on lanes 1 & 2. It was the first game of the night. He followed up the 300 with games of 184 and 192 for a 676 series. The Poinsettia Bowl which is now called Ventura Bowling Center opened in 1957 back when a 300 really meant something. It took 9 years before the first 300 was bowled by Bob Hainey on May 14th, 1966. It was another 21 YEARS! before the second one was bowled by Terry.
There were many years where there were NO 300 games bowled in the entire county but the easy lane conditions combined with the new ball technology has pratically made the 300 game trivial. To show the difference in the over inflated averages of today and the averages back in 1987, when Terry bowled his 300, his average was 184 and the top 5 averages in the league were:
         1. Mike Knight        200
         2. Todd Rodgers       193
         3. Sean Bigley        193
         4. Bill Pendergrass   191
         5. Tony Robles        189