Huge Bowler of the year
    A few changes have been implemented this year due to the era of ridiculously over inflated scores where the lost art of making quality shots and spare shooting has been replaced by swing the ball out, hit the dry boards and hope you have the proper angle entry to carry more than your opponent. To get on the the list you must have a series of 940 or better or a game of 260 or better.
The high series of the week will be awarded 4 points and all other high series scores will be awarded 2 points. The high game of the week will be awarded 2 points with all other high games getting 1 point. At the end of the season the bowler with the most points will be the HUGE Bowler of the year.
This isn't necessarily the highest average bowler or the most consistant bowler, it's the bowler who has the most HUGE scores of the Year, so attendance has something to do with this also.

Below are all the bowlers who have earned points going into May 3, 2006: Which is also the final standings.
The title of HUGE bowler of the year goes to Tom Kirkpatrick.

    Tom Kirkpatrick		71
    Mark Davis		63
    Kerry Tissler		55
    Jerry Calvin		54
    Larry Prebble		51
    Joseph Turbeville	42
    Bill Pendergrass	40
    Alex Mejia		39
    Jason Muldoon		32
    Joe Rivas		30
    Alicia Heckathorne	30
    Sandy Phipps		30
    Andre Good		29
    John Donovan		25
    Scott Roland		25
    Anthony Nunnery 	23
    Paul Younce		23
    Jeff Gordon		22
    Dale Neel		22
    Dan Mueller		22
    Mike Kanada		20
    Mike Prager		20
    Chris Shusta		20
    Sean Swisher		16
    Stan Winters		16
    Pet Smith		14
    Paul Appling		14
    Dave Rundell 		13
    John Mundy		13
    Richard Paschal		12
    Joel Lasalle		11
    Justin Medlen		10
    Richie Paul		10
    Jodi Bingham		8
    Bob Peterson		8
    Roxy Mercer		7
    Ac Cortez		6
    Tony Lespade 		6
    John Wanamaker		6
    Matt Mundy		5
    Stan Swaggerty 		5
    Bill Tocci		5
    Paul Goldberg		5
    Chris Maes		4
    Bernie Schmalhofer	4
    John Mamakos		2
    Larry Ingram		2
    David Valenzuela	1
    Mike Fonvergne		1
    Chris Clepper		1
    Quinlin Verbouanec	1
    Todd Eichman		1
    Joel De Jesus		1
    Gino Raines		1