Week# 35: May 3, 2006

They win both rounds and top off the season with a thrilling victory over Victoria Pub

Left to Right: Jason Muldoon, Jeff Gordon, Tony Lespade, and Tom Kirkpatrick
   Coming into the championship match, both VICTORIA PUB and TEAM 1 exhibited differing attitudes before practice began. VICTORIA PUB came into the match having bowled a sensational fourth game versus CJAM in order to win series and make it into the championship. LARRY PREBBLE and STAN SWAGGERTY of VICTORIA PUB exchanged barbs at each other, with PREBBLE remarking that they should insert SWAGGERTY at anchor for the championship, and SWAGGERTY retorting that he may not be scoring as high as PREBBLE, but he would "strike when it counted." Those words would prove prophetic for the match. On the other side, you had TEAM 1, winners of both of the regular season rounds, and coming off a 4-1 drubbing of WAIT! WE'RE COMING! that really only had them sweating for the first two games. JASON MULDOON walked up to express how he loved the headline from the last newsletter, detailing his thoughts on having to make a Saturday appearance for the roll offs in the first place. Indeed TEAM 1 had a lot to be confident about, including a 14-1 season series advantage over VICTORIA PUB this season.

During the first game, SWAGGERTY was welcomed early with a 5-7-10 split that seemed to characterize VICTORIA PUB's first game; a series of shots around the right area, but not quite perfect. By contrast, all four bowlers for TEAM 1 bowled over 200 with JEFF GORDON's 278 game leading the way to a 938 -886 TEAM 1 victory.

GORDON's quick start carried into the second game, as he bowled a second 278 game, and was accompanied by MULDOON's 254 game, as TEAM 1 posted 4 210+ games in winning the second 993 -915. GORDON would end the night with the pair's high series of 971, as he was making his seventh consecutive playoff appearance. However, towards the end of the second game, VICTORIA PUB showed some signs of life, as PREBBLE would finish with a 278 of his own. After two games, VICTORIA PUB was placed in a do-or-die situation, down 2-0 and 140 pins, but a bit optimistic as PREBBLE assured his teammates that "(their) shots were coming!" And they were…

Many times this year, the league was marked with stories about how teams that looked beaten after two games, used the "third game transition" to mount huge comebacks, and this would be no different. Shots that buried ten pins in the pocket were leaving huge splits for TEAM 1. Meanwhile, as SWAGGERTY continued to struggle with his carry, the rest of his team got hot, as JOHN MUNDY's 254 game lead to a 941 -839 third game victory. MUNDY would finish with a 4 200+ game 916 series to lead VICTORIA PUB. So the stage was set, with VICTORIA PUB needing to win the fourth game by 29 pins to wrestle the league championship away from TEAM 1's clutches.

The momentum for VICTORIA PUB carried into the mid point of the fourth game where they finally took over the series lead from TEAM 1. However, TEAM 1 would shake off some mid-game splits to keep matters close coming into the last frame. MULDOON doubled in the tenth to bring TEAM 1 within striking distance of the lead. GORDON stepped up and left a 5-7 split that he was not able to convert, thus giving back 11 crucial pins to VICTORIA PUB. SANDY PHIPPS stepped up for VICTORIA PUB and had the misfortune of leaving a 4 - 7 - 10 split that she was not able to convert, despite a wonderful 4 220+ game 902 series for the night. TOM KIRKPATRICK threw a strike in the first ball of the tenth to double up a strike he got in the ninth, and give back the lead to TEAM 1. PREBBLE got up and struck on his first ball in the tenth to keep VICTORIA PUB in the match. KIRKPATRICK lost his chance to seal the match when he left a 2 pin on his second ball in the tenth, then covered it to cap his 4 210+ game 916 series and end TEAM 1's night with a 3619 team series. With the fourth game clinched for VICTORIA PUB, PREBBLE then stepped up needing to strike on his final two shots to tie up series, and force a one game roll off, but he left a 10-pin off a wall shot, as TEAM 1 won series 3619 - 3608 for a 3-2 decision, the league championship, and a single season trifecta.
  Below are the results.

Jason Muldoon     200  254  180  221  855     Stan Swaggerty     185  183  186  202  756
Tony Lespade      203  219  180  160  762     John Mundy         213  201  254  248  916
Jeff Gordon       278  278  223  192  971     Sandy Phipps       222  222  236  222  902
Tom Kirkpatrick   228  214  227  247  916     Larry Prebble      235  278  234  163  910

hdcp               29   29   29   29  116                         31   31   31   31  124

totals            938  993  839  849 3619                        886  915  941  866 3608

   They both put up huge scores to upend short-handed CJAM.

JOHN DONOVAN bowled a 4 220+ game 950 series with a 256 game, and PET SMITH recorded a 900 series with a 256 game to lead WAIT! WE'RE COMING! to a 3-2 decision over CJAM, and third place for the roll offs. MIKE PRAGER opened up the night with a 264 game in leading CJAM to an opening game 920 - 839 victory. But DONOVAN would lead WAIT! WE'RE COMING! to a 977 -891 and 971 - 887 victories in the second and third games. Trailing 2-1 and by 89 pins, CJAM regrouped to post 210+ games to win the fourth game 977 -920. But it would not be enough to win series as WAIT! WE'RE COMING! came up on the strong end of a 3707 -3675 series victory to take the third place title. WAIT! WE'RE COMING! would also end the night finishing in fourth place for the sweeper.
  Below are the results.

John Donovan      227  256  247  220  950     Chris Shusta       200  201  236  233  870
Brian Lewis       167  216  193  215  791     John Wanamaker     192  193  183  237  805
Paul Goldberg     194  189  247  160  790     Andre Good (blind) 215  215  215  215  860
Pet Smith         182  247  215  256  900     Mike Prager        264  233  204  243  944

hdcp               69   69   69   69  276                         49   49   49   49  196
totals            839  977  971  920 3707                        920  891  887  977 3675

   Our record-breaking year ends with two teams breaking 3900+ series marks for top spots in the sweeper.
JERRY CALVIN bowled games of 258, 299 (ten pin), 233 & 233 for a weekly high 1023 series, ALICIA HECKATHORNE bowled games of 248, 265, 233, & 267 for a 1013 series, BOB PETERSON recorded a 900 series with a 269 game, and STAN WINTERS posted a 4 210+ game night to lead GET THE LEFTY to 1031, 983, 966 and 955 games for a 3935 series and first place in the sweeper.

IN THE GROOVE opened the night with 952 and 971 games, then watched as SHIRLEY'S PAPI packed up and withdrew from the sweeper. Bowling solo, IN THE GROOVE continued their hot shooting, ending the night with a weekly high 1093 game and an 889 game for a 3905 series and second place in the sweeper. ROXY MERCER bowled an 897 series with a 267 game, and ED GOULART recorded a 258 game to lead IN THE GROOVE.

MARK DAVIS bowled games of 204, 249, 279 & 248 for a 980 series, KERRY TISSLER recorded a 4 220+ game 928 series, and BILL PENDERGRASS posted a 4 200+ game 902 series to lead CURVES FOR WOMEN to a 3722 series and third place in the sweeper. DAVIS struck out on the tenth frame of the last game to inch CURVES FOR WOMEN past WAIT! WE'RE COMING! for third place in the sweeper.

Kirkpatrick stops Davis High Average Streak at Two.
    Tom Kirkpatrick posted a league high average of 238.90 to easily outscore second place Mark Davis at 235.53 which ended Mark's two year run as league high average bowler.

A listing of all award winners show below.

     High Average             Tom Kirkpatrick      238
     Most Improved Bowler     Chris Shusta         +25
     High Scratch Series      Mark Davis          1085*
     High Handicap Series     Tony Lespade        1116

     High Scratch Game        Tony Lespade         300
                              Jeff Gordon
                              Tom Kirkpatrick
                              Chris Shusta
                              Alex Mejia
                              Mike Kanada(2)
                              Dale Neel
                              John Donovan
                              Pet Smith
                              Larry Prebble
                              Kerry Tissler(2)
                              Mark Davis
                              Richie Paul
                              Jerry Calvin
                              Alicia Heckathorne
                              Joe Rivas

     High Handicap Game       Sean Swisher         332

     Huge Bowler              Tom Kirkpatrick       71
     BuenaVintegrity          Tom Kirkpatrick     .765
     Tremendous Team          CJAM                  44

     * Buenaventurans 4-game record

     All Star Team: 5 members keeping with the old tradition

           Tom Kirkpatrick     238.90
           Mark Davis          235.53
           Larry Prebble       234.37
           Alicia Heckathorne  231.96
           Kerry Tissler       230.34